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"Signs and Symptoms: Am I Suffering from Sciatica?"

Updated: Feb 21

Are you suffering from sciatica?


Every time you here from your friends that they have back pain, the word sciatica always seems to comes up.  But do they really have it, or is it something else?  It depends.  The first question you need to ask is when and how it started.  Did you just wake up in the morning with it, or did you get it from doing yard work. 


Evaluating the mechanism of the onset of your pain is fundamental to determining your true diagnosis.  It is also important to remember that it is entirely possible to have more than one diagnosis.  Being evaluated by an experienced master chiropractor is extremely important to finding out the source of your problem. 


Today we will discuss what sciatica is and what it is not.  Most people believe that any type of lower back pain is sciatica.  This is simply not true.  If you do not have traceable pain traveling down the back of one or both of the lower extremities down to your feet, you do not have sciatica. 


Sometimes, you can have what appears to be sciatica because the pain does travel down the back of the leg, but appears to stop around the back of the knee or just beyond into the top of the calf muscle.   This can be a multitude of things.  Some of the differential diagnoses for these findings could be any of the following:  diabetic neuropathy, facet syndrome, piriformis syndrome, spinal or foraminal stenosis, herniated lumbar disc, or even a form of neurogenic or vascular claudication.   This is by no means is an exhaustive list, but are some of the most common forms of pain travelling down the lower extremity. 

sciatica down the leg


The best way to find out what you have is to give your local chiropractor a call.  There are different types of chiropractors in the city of Pahrump.  The first type is the most common which are symptomatic practitioners.  These doctors are more focused more on symptomatic or temporary reduction of your symptoms without addressing any long-term structural causes.  These are short-term treatment campaigns.  They are not designed to fix long-term structural issues, but can provide some relief, at least temporarily. 


The second type offers a more comprehensive solution which looks to provide a more long-term solution by addressing the root structural issues that have likely been present for many years.  This involves evaluating your lifestyle and ergonomics and applying modifications to assist in changing the outcome of your future going forward. 


Many problems can persist for years without any pain.  For most people, if they do not feel any pain, they perceive themselves to be problem free.  Unfortunately, this is not how the body works.  For example, when you go to the dentist for a cleaning, do you go because you have pain or because you do not want to lose your teeth?  When your dentist takes an x-ray, they can see issues months in advance that can be treated before your in debilitating agony. 


This works the same with chiropractic as well.  However, you have a big advantage in this capacity because a chiropractor with good diagnostic skills, can address issues many years in advance before you end up with issues like a hyper kyphosis in your midback (hunchback), or a spondylolisthesis (a bone in your lumbar spine that moves forward due to an enlarged abdomen from pressure).


The question you really need to ask yourself is whether you want to walk next year or the year after.  The spine you have now is the same spine you had when you were much younger and the same one you’re going to grow old with.  Your spine represents everything you have experienced since you were little and if you did not take of your spine, you are likely feeling the end result of years of damage which should be addressed before you end up having to use an assisted device such as a cane, walker, or wheelchair.   It is not necessary to use these devices just because you’re aging unless you want to.  The spine your born with is the same spine you will grow old with and it requires maintenance.   If you manage your spinal health properly, it will provide you with many years of service without pain.  


Growing older with less health issues requires diligence.  This means physical activity, proper sleep, hydration, adequate social exposure, sunlight, nutrition, and good hygiene.  Your spinal hygiene is just as important as taking a shower, or brushing your teeth, but may sound foreign to you, if you were not exposed to managing your spine until you were older.  People that are older require more, not less care, since we degenerate at a more rapid rate as we age.  Remaining upwardly mobile is very important to keep you from degenerating too quickly.  If you are unable to walk, your heart does not get much exercise. 


At Medspine, the office I represent is a form of integrated physical medicine which forges chiropractic and medical services together.  At Medspine, you will receive two (2) opinions, a holistic form from a chiropractor, and the other from a Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner.  Our office environment is more personalized and private. 


Our chiropractic patients receive their care in a private environment, not in an open space for others to watch as this can be a violation of patient privacy.  We offer a very unique approach to providing care whatever your problem may be. 


Please visit our website at  to find out how we can help you live a better more functional life without fear. 


I want to personally welcome you to my office with a FREE CONSULTATION to find out how you can live a more active life without fear of injury. 


Our office accepts the following insurance plans:  MEDICARE, MEDICAID, AETNA, BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD, CIGNA, UNITED HEALTHCARE, and others out-of-network. 



Call us now to schedule an appointment at:

 702-530-BACK (2225) or book online 


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